Controlled Bleeding: Songs From The Ashes (CD)

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The vigil
Tides of Heaven
Scourging ground
The shallow sky *
After seperation *
The peacock (music for four guitars) *
Voice of the dead *
Bright shadows *
In blind embrace *
Near the water (vocal remix) *
An awakening *
The turning (re-recorded) *
In drowning hands (excerpt)
* Remixed versions from “Music From The Scourging Grounds”

This music marked a major transitional point for Controlled Bleeding, the move from noise and sound experimentation into the realm of majestic, classically influenced works, driven by deep sadness and despair. Indeed, these songs were born out of grave depression. At this time, founding member Paul Lemos was in the throes of a painful divorce and music served as his therapy, his emotional outlet.”Music was my only safe haven,” Lemos remarked, “and probably all that kept me in life. When I listen back to Ashes, it’s like paging through a personal diary from a time I would like to forget — yet i still love those songs.” Songs from the Ashes marked the first use of samplers in the group’s recordings and brought the monastic vocals of Joe Papa to the forefront, creating a rich, almost medieval musical fabric that was ahead of the times for much of what is now considered “Gothic”; this album is certainly the precursor for the later Staalplaat release, Golgotha. These songs first appeared on two rare European releases Music from the Scourging Grounds and Songs for Gilded Chambers. In America, this cd was initially released on the now defunct C’est La Mort label.

The band on this release:
Joe Papa: Vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards
Paul Lemos: Keyboards, percussion, bass, guitar, tapes, etc.
Chris Moriarty: Keyboards, percussion, drums, tapes
Sax: Linda Paganelli

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.


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