vidnaObmana: Memories Compiled 2 (2-CD)

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    disc 1
    December 1989 – March 1990
  1. Dwells into the heart
  2. Floes on miracles
  3. For ancient crossed
  4. Between changing gloom
  5. Uncertain flow
  6. To the primary land
  7. All glanced in mind
  8. Concealed
  9. In winter calm
  10. From within the cold
  11. Floes on miracles 2
  12. Forged in innocence
  13. In wired dreaming
  14. Above the mellow earth
    disc 2
    December 1989 – January 1991
  1. Glance (opening)
  2. Related between
  3. In hollow embraced
  4. Glance 2
  5. Float through nights
  6. Unfold gradient 2
  7. Nearly constant
  8. Glance 3
  9. Found silence
  10. Glance 4
  11. Over clouds
  12. By abundant rain (early version)
  13. Glance 5
  14. Glance 6
  15. Onto a broken path
  16. Glance (ending)

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Remastered archival recordings from 1988 – 1991, resequenced by the artist, with an additional 30 minutes of unreleased music from that era added per disc.

As a self-taught electronic musician, vidnaObmana explored different musical areas before discovering the techniques of looping and shaping harmonies, merging layers of sound and minimizing the configurations to a few notes. His style of atmospheric music creates trance-like states in listeners who understand the language of sound. Continuing Projekt: Archive‘s retrospective of Vidna Obmana’s previous work, Memories Compiled 2 presents the first CD release of two albums originally recorded for analog cassette release between 1988 and 1991. Showcasing his interest in minimalism, Memories Compiled 2 features shorter, repetitive pieces in a slow tempo and darker melodic structure, and stands as a compelling companion to his more recent work on Projekt.

“If you wondered why Brian Eno didn’t make a Music For Airports Vol. 2, wonder no longer. Our friend Vidna has devised pieces with very similar parameters: slow washes of synth chords, drifting piano, very ambient. What renders this fresh and vibrant is an occasional eastern harmonic or polyphony (12-tone, or what sounds like it) that has been worked into the fabric so that you might miss it had you not been listening to it.” (OPTION)

  • Double CD release at a special budget midline price
  • Vidna Obmana is recognized internationally for his solo and collaborative work with over a dozen albums released on several different labels.
  • These remastered archival recordings from 1988 – 1991 have been resequenced by the artist, with an additional 30 minutes of unreleased music from that era added per disc.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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