Seeming: Madness & Extinction

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1. The Eyes of Extinction
2. New Year
3. Celestial
4. Everything Could Change
5. Goodnight London
6. Come Back
7. The Shadows
8. The Burial
9. Beautiful for the Last Time
10. Convincing
11. Welcome to the Sun
12. All of this Really Happened

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Canadian Import – Seeming’s cavernous music fuses masterful songwriting with explosive and strange passion. The electronic duo’s debut Madness & Extinction is a foreboding opus, equal parts chaotic rage and melodic sweetness. Standout tracks “The Eyes of Extinction” and “Goodnight London” are essentials on any 2014 mixtape for the black-clad set, and “The Burial” is the bleakest pop single you’ll ever dance to. Seeming’s members are both veterans of acclaimed darkwave act ThouShaltNot: Alex Reed (author of Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music) and drummer Aaron Fuleki. A post-gothic meditation on insanity, history, and the earth in crisis, Madness & Extinction announces the bold arrival of Seeming.
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