All my faith lost…: As You’re Vanishing In Silence (2016 CD reissue)


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1. Come close my lover (2016) 01:45
2. Your silent tears (2016) 04:55
3. Rain has fallen all the day (2016) 05:29
4. She came to me (2016) 05:12
5. At that hour (2016) 06:19
6. Triste quiete (2016) 06:17
7. All day i hear your voice (2016) 07:33
8. Disclose your eyes (2016) 03:36
9. Sleep now (2016) 04:05
10. Autumn (2016) 04:07
11. Silent lady (2016) 07:26

1 song titles here
1 song titles here


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Strictly limited edition, we have 8 copies. Otherwise, almost sold-out worldwide

This limited edition CD comes in a lovely packaging with faux leather cover and an amazing 30 page booklet with design by the band’s guitarist Angelo Roccagli

These are some excerpts from reviews of the original edition:

It’s for sure one of the first times a band seems like embracing and loving that much the melancholic side of life. It’s not tormenting at all, but just enlightening like darkness can be beautiful as well! This is simply a masterpiece! –

This album is something that people who love the minimalistic nature of Faith & Disease and the romantic elements of Gothica will enjoy. It’s definitely worth tracking down and picking up and cherishing for a very long time. –

This CD is for times of solitude and quiet introspection that will take you far away from the madding crowd. –

re-released November 24, 2016

As You’re Vanishing In Silence:
Music and Lyrics by All My Faith Lost …
Viola: lyrics, vocals, flutes, piano
Federico: lyrics, vocals, guitars, sinth
Francis: guitars, piano, sinth
Violin on track 2 by Fabio Polo
Viola and Violin on tracks 5, 7, 9, 10 by Corrado Cicuttin

Remixed and mastered by Paolo Rebellato at Moonlight Productions during October 2015
Artwork concept and layout by Angelo Roccagli
Artwork pictures by Alessandra Cirillo
Model: Giulia Rossa

Composed, recorded and produced by All My Faith Lost … during 2003


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