Max Corbacho: Arg Lucis (CD)

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  1. Light-Matrix Portal 14:13
  2. Narthex 12:32
  3. Pillar Ascension 16:23
  4. Transept Sapphire Glass 4:48
  5. Choir Ecstasy 4:54
  6. keystone Meditation 2:51
  7. Mirabilis Structura 18:07
    Total time 73:53

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Light and harmony could set this purely atmospheric new work by Max Corbacho. Not the blinding light from outside but light filtered through high windows of colored glass, broken and transformed into multi-colored gems, transferring that which is material to that which is immaterial. Like a weightless dream, the main theme is exposed in Light-Matrix Portal, where a gentle swirl of chords leads us, as in a Gothic doorway, in a magnificent space. The main theme remains on all the pieces in a subtle way, spreading mystical, delicate scents through labyrinthine passages ascending and spiraling to the vaults. Max presents the album’s flow through different sonic zones sequentially, as if we proceeded on walking meditation in a 13th century cathedral.

In words of Bruno Sanfilippo: “Like standing in a Galactic Cathedral, bluish, clean, expansive”

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