Inkubus Sukkubus: Belas Knap (CD)


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01 Earth to Earth
02 On Meon Hill
03 There is only the Dead inside
04 Gallows Lane
05 Witch Hunt (still seeking Sarah)
06 Necro Maria
07 Love Spell (re-loved)
08 Belas Knap
09 Kicking up Skirts
10 At the Gate in the Park
11 Power of the Witch
12 The House on the Hill
13 Emerald

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The CD, which is the band’s 22nd release, contains 11 completely new tracks, and 2 radical re-workings of previous material.

Belas Knap is a vagabondage through a haunted, sinister world forever bound to the tragedy, misery, passion and violence of the past. Belas Knap takes you to what seems like the rural idyll of fairy tales, to a Cotswold arcadia of the pre-industrial age, only to expose the cold reality of a brutal dystopia of murder, suicide, insanity, jealousy and abuse, where life is short and cruel, and the few moments of joy must be grasped without question, in the moment and with both hands.

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