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  • Stratosphere

    Stratosphere (2)

  • Adrian H And The Wounds

    Adrian H And The Wounds (1)

  • Alio Die

    Alio Die (9)

  • All My Faith Lost

    All My Faith Lost (7)

    Visit at Twitter    All my faith lost... was formed in 1999 by Federico and Francis with the aim to create the kind of music they loved, which was so very hard to find and hear in their small towns of Italy. Ataraxia, Love Spirals Downwards, John Keats, James Joyce; these were names that helped the music of All my faith lost... grow and definie itself in the early years. Viola permanently joined the band and in 2005 All my faith lost... released their first official full-length CD on the Swedish label Cold Meat Industry.
  • Arcana

    Arcana (3)

  • As Lonely As Dave Bowman

    As Lonely As Dave Bowman (4)

    As Lonely As Dave Bowman is named after the astronaut in Kubrick/Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Unlike Sam's work in Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Dave Bowman is full-on electronic music: droning space, wordless drift with long suspended passages. It touches the edges of isolation and glacial solitude, with a discernible warm human core. Epic expanses, satellite flybys, vast open textures, serene ambient moments, and warmer hues of sparse remoteness are barren, yet without leaving the listener abandoned. Think of it as drone insulation rather than drone isolation.
  • Autumn's Grey Solace

    Autumn's Grey Solace (7)

  • Black tape for a blue girl

    Black tape for a blue girl (60)

  • Paulina Cassidy

    Paulina Cassidy (4)

  • The Deadfly Ensemble

    The Deadfly Ensemble (2)

    "Mother, I am hungry for some musical theater! I long for acoustic guitars, medieval melodies and operatic librettos! I would hear stories of the idle rich, humanoid anomalies, and criminal geniuses of the early nineteenth century! I need to observe the melodious consumption of fruit and the sifting through of old newspapers and listen to the prattle of simple minds and the banter of their superiors! I crave songs that deliver me into new worlds from far away, from long ago, and introduce me to characters I'd be, otherwise, afraid to know! Mother, I am hungry for some theatrical music!" "My dear! What you want is the Deadfly Ensemble!"
  • Forrest Fang

    Forrest Fang (7)

    Forrest Fang @ Facebook     Fang is an ambient progressive musician who emerged from the DIY-“cassette culture” 80's scene with a highly idiosyncratic style influenced by the traditional musics of non-Western cultures, including Javanese gamelan and the folk music of his Chinese ancestors. The rich electronic textures of his music are often complimented by Western and non-Western stringed instruments, winds and percussion. Fang has released 13 albums over the past three decades, including two ambient soundscape recordings under the project name, “Sans Serif.”
  • Katzenjammer Kabarett

    Katzenjammer Kabarett (4)

  • Lovesliescrushing

    Lovesliescrushing (11)

  • Lycia

    Lycia (23)

  • Mercury's Antennae

    Mercury's Antennae (3)

  • Byron Metcalf

    Byron Metcalf (18)

    Byron Metcalf is an award-winning musician and recording artist, shamanic practitioner and ceremonial leader. Byron is known for his unique tribal-ambient drumming and studio mastery and since 1997 he's focused his energies on creating music and sound for shamanic journeying and other transformational practices that involve expanded states of consciousness. Byron’s extensive background as a transpersonal therapist provides him with an extraordinary understanding of the healing power of rhythm, sound and sonic resonance. Byron has collaborated with Steve Roach, Mark Seelig, Dashmesh Khalsa, Rob Thomas (of “Inlakesh”), and others.
  • Mira

    Mira (6)

  • Mirabilis

    Mirabilis (5)

  • Loren Nerell

    Loren Nerell (7)

  • Paradoxx

    Paradoxx (4)

  • Sam Rosenthal

    Sam Rosenthal (15)

    Sam Rosenthal is the founder of Projekt Records as well as Black Tape For A Blue Girl. He also has recorded ambient/electronic music under the band name As Lonely As Dave Bowman and his own name. Collaborations include Revue Noir, with Nicki Jaine and Thanatos with Padraic Ogl.
  • Mark Seelig

    Mark Seelig (8)

  • Soriah

    Soriah (5)

  • Spiritual Front

    Spiritual Front (2)

  • Steve Roach

    Steve Roach (114)

    Steve Roach @ Facebook     With his distinctive melange of analogue and digital synthesisers, acoustic instrumentation and highly imaginative soundscaping, Steve Roach is a giant in modern ambient and one of the most respected electronic musicians in the world. He’s been noted for the deep inspiration he draws from the European electronic tradition, and you can certainly hear the legacy of German psychedelic electronica and spacemusic throughout his work; sometimes not in melody, but certainly in its atmosphere and large, reverberant spaces. Another major source of inspiration for Roach is desert wilderness, including the starkly beautiful deserts and wide open spaces of his Arizona home which continue to color his music to this day. After four decades of recording Steve Roach's well of inspiration remains as deep as ever. Steve Roach has an enormous catalogue of releases for fans to explore. His total number of solo albums, collaborations and live recordings now numbers well over 100. Ever-productive, always thoughtful and refusing to be tied down to any one style, his music commands a large, devoted following and his innovations have inspired a whole generation of downtempo electro-acoustic composers and sound designers. bio written by Mike Watson.
  • Jill Tracy

    Jill Tracy (5)

    Jill Tracy @ Facebook          Twitter        YouTube     Jill Tracy will transport you into a seductive and magical realm far beyond the Everyday. The place where we wished we lived. A dark, elegant netherworld full of hidden passageways, wonder cabinets, and opium dens. Of monsters, marvels and mayhem. You know it’s not safe here; but with Jill Tracy as your guide, you’ll be in no hurry to leave. The singer/pianist/storyteller and “musical evocateur” has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her beautifully eerie cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour, and curious passion for strange tales.
  • Trance To The Sun

    Trance To The Sun (11)

  • Unto Ashes

    Unto Ashes (12)

  • VidnaObmana

    VidnaObmana (43)

  • Voltaire

    Voltaire (18)

  • Weep

    Weep (6)

  • Erik Wøllo

    Erik Wøllo (18)

    Erik has been a professional artist since 1980. He is best known for his unique and personal electronic ambient music, and his music has been released worldwide since 1985. But his musical experience covers a wide range of styles from rock and jazz, to experimental electronic and classical music. Erik Wøllo has also collaborated and released well known album works together with some of the most respected artists in the ambient music world: Steve Roach, Ian Boddy, Bernhard Wöstheinrich and several others. "Norwegian Erik Wøllo is one of the most consistent artists recording today. One of the things I like most about his work is how he has a trademark “sound” which is recognizable, but yet he never overtly repeats himself. Only the best artists can accomplish this over time and he does it with apparent ease. " -Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter
  • Dirk Serries

    Dirk Serries (3)