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Echoes podcast interview October 23 2020 | Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns Two icons of electronic music converge to talk about their epic release, Convergence, an album created amidst brain tumors and dreams.

LitHub / Dublab podcast interview October 16 2020 | Steve Roach takes the long view from his desert studio on his 30-minute THE QUARANTINE TAPES interview.

Nelda TV Episode 11 Steve Roach: A Sonic Journey September 2020 | 8-minute video interview with Steve Roach.

Journeys to the Infinite September 2020 | Interview with Erik Wøllo and a cross-selection of his releases including his collaboration with Michael Stearns.

Arizona Public Media July 22 2020 | Steve Roach talks about the healing power of sound, and his new album “A Soul Ascends” on Tucson’s NPR Station, 89.1 Steve’s section begins at 15:20. with Mark McLemore, host of Arizona Spotlight

Bandcamp Daily August 6 2020 | Steve Roach in The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: July 2020.

Tucson Weekly January 31 2019 | Awarding the Ambiance: Steve Roach. The electronic pioneer receives second consecutive Grammy nomination.

Steve Roach 2019 Grammy Announcement

The Future of What November 30 2018 | 45-minute podcast interview with Projekt founder Sam Rosenthal, and also a short interview with Steve Roach.

Projekt Exclusive July 10 2018 | Images from the Stark Corner. A photoset of the unused photos from the iconic LYCIA album cover shoot.

Arizona Public Media January 26 2018 | Shaping Sound with Steve Roach.

San Diego Tribute January 18 2018 | Electronic musician Steve Roach, with 172 albums to his credit, elated about his first Grammy nomination

Projekt Exclusive January 18 2018 | Steve Roach: welcome to the vortex. Biography article by Mike G of the music reference website AmbientMusicGuide.com

Steve Roach 2018 Grammy Announcement

Echoes Radio December 17 2017 | Grammy Nominated Artist Steve Roach in 50-minute Echoes Podcast interview.

Red Bull Music Academy Daily March 10, 2017 | Synth Musician Steve Roach on Tapping into Currents of Sound. An extensive interview.

PopMatters June 18, 2013 | Lengthy article on LYCIA

Downloadable Image Gallery A collection of Steve Roach images through the years.