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Jul 23

The Twilight Garden: A World We Pretend (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

love it, share it facebook twitter pinterest google I Am Echo | MP3 Clip Dead Adults | MP3 Clip The Ice King A World We Pretend | MP3 Clip...→ Read more

Jul 09

VA – Projekt Promo: PROMO11 / Winter 2000 (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Unto Ashes: Lord of The Dance ~ From Excelsis v.2 (Holiday Compilation) Audra: In Hollywood Tonight ~ From Audra Voltaire: Anastasia ~ From Almost Human Faith & Disease: Rubina...→ Read more

Feb 10

VA – Projekt Promo: PROMO06 | January & February 2000 (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Love Spirals Downwards: Alicia (remix) Love Spirals Downwards: Ladonna Dissima Sam Rosenthal: Kathryn Area: All Souls Area: Anyway love it, share it facebook twitter pinterest google Released in a...→ Read more

Jul 23

Sam Rosenthal: The Passage (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

...before fading away into a grateful silence. Streaks of strings coalesce into a passionate, romantic tone poem, an inviting, fragile melody. After the preceding forty-five minutes of deepness, these basically...→ Read more

Jul 16

Amber Route: Snail Headed Victrolas (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Snail Headed Victrolas When Cries Are Photographed Finally As Ravens Martyrs Asteroid Joiroidlove it, share it facebook twitter pinterest google “When cries are photographed finally as ravens, love will...→ Read more

Jul 29

Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Tenderotics (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

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Jul 23

Love Spirals Downwards: Suzanne Perry’s Melodyguild side-project: Aitu (Maxi-CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Panamint | MP3 Clip Accomplice | MP3 Clip Flicker | MP3 Clip Un parallel | MP3 Clip Total Time: 22.23 love it, share it facebook twitter pinterest google Suzanne Perry...→ Read more

Apr 02

VARIOUS: Possibilities of Circumstance (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Steve Roach : Consumed by Sunlight Tim Story & Roedelius : Lazy Arc (excerpt) Robert Rich : Callyx Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters: There’s Always Tomorrow Larry Fast/SYNERGY :...→ Read more

Dec 23

The Deadfly Ensemble: An Instructional Guide For Aspiring Arsonists (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

...the hell, the lighthouse was haunted… With five members, this is the fullest version of the band to appear on record to date, providing a level of expression that their...→ Read more

Jul 23

mira: the echo lingers on (demos, outtakes and rehearsals) (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

something ventured | MP3 Clip real | MP3 Clip even now | MP3 Clip creation | MP3 Clip from the something ventured ep truly | MP3 Clip early version for...→ Read more