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Jul 23

Autumn’s Grey Solace: Eifelian (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Archean Earth | MP3 Clip Faint Young Sun | MP3 Clip Phobic Sea | MP3 Clip Halfway Underground | MP3 Clip Unfamiliar Spirits | MP3 Clip Devonian Serene | MP3...→ Read more

Nov 22

Jill Tracy: Silver Smoke, Star of Night (In the Shadow of Christmas) (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

1. O Come O Come Emanuel 2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 3. Coventry Carol 4. What Child is This 5. We 3 Kings 6. Room 19 7. Carol...→ Read more

Jul 23

Makaras Pen: Makaras Pen (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Currents | MP3 Promises | MP3 Sacrifice | MP3 New Beginnings | MP3 Falling Deeper | MP3 What’s Really Happening | MP3 | Video Tightrope | MP3 Through The Mirror...→ Read more

Jul 23

Various Artists: beneath the icy floe v. 5 (color cover, jewel box) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Lycia: Drifting from Cold Love Spirals Downwards: El Pedregal from Ever Arcanta: Awake as if From Slumber from The Eternal Return Thanatos: Von Stauffenberg from An Embassy to Gaius...→ Read more

Jul 23

Mirabilis: Sub Rosa (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

world indifferent | MP3 clip The journey | MP3 clip the vastness | MP3 clip nature boy the flowers pressed down undercurrent il est bel et bon | MP3...→ Read more

Jul 23

Mirabilis: Pleiades (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Pleiades In the Dark Weep, O Mine Eyes Moon Haunted Hide Away Libera Me Riu Riu Chiu O Virga ac Diadema Invocation of the Sun Scarborough Fair Tears Ripple...→ Read more

Jul 06

Various: The Hues of Infinity (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

1 Steve Roach: The Function Inside the Form (excerpt) from Skeleton Keys 2 Steve Roach: Etheric Imprints (excerpt) from Etheric Imprints 3 Erik Wøllo: Pathway from Blue Radiance 4...→ Read more

Jul 23

Chandeen: Teenage Poetry (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Teenage Poetry Welcome The Still | MP3 Clip New Colouring Horizon At The End Of All Days From The Inside | MP3 Clip A Last Goodbye Looking Forward, Looking Back...→ Read more

Nov 28

Emilie Autumn: Girls Just Wanna & Bohemian Rhapsody First Edition (CD) (Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun | MP3 Clip Bohemian Rhapsody | MP3 Clip Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Harpsichord Rendezvous)Asleep (Live) Mad Girl (Live)Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Emilie Autumn...→ Read more

Jul 09

VA – Projekt Promo: PROMO22 | The New Face of Goth (5″ wallet version)(Five Dollar Friday Sale)

Android Lust: Kingdom of One ~ from The Dividing Android Lust: Stained (video edit) ~ from The Dividing Voltaire: The Vampire Club ~ from Boo Hoo PRO129 Voltaire: When...→ Read more