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For those of you who really want to know EVERYTHING about Projekt, this page lists old releases that are no longer in print. When Projekt began in 1983, it was a cassette-only label releasing music primarily in the “electronic” genre. If you find a cassette of one of these (as somebody recently did in Minneapolis) then you are holding a piece of history!!!!

For an informative (but not too long) article on Sam’s pre-1986 electronic releases, visit ultravillage.

Thanks to Projekt fan James Coulter for emailing scans of an old Projekt catalog from inside his copy of the Mesmerized by the Sirens LP. He helped fill in some gaps!

PRO1 1983 Various Projekt Electronic South Florida vol. 1 [cassette]
           | 60 min | A 1983 sampler of 8 Florida artists including Radio Berlin & Bob Rupe.

PRO2 1984 Sam Rosenthal Round Trip [cassette]
           | 45 min | Electro-Ambient debut. February 23 1984

PRO3 1984 Sam Rosenthal Diving Into Cool Waters [cassette]
           | 90 minutes of electronic mood-music. July 27 1984

PRO4 1984 Various Projekt Electronic South Florida vol. 2 [cassette]
           | 60 min | A sampler of 14 Florida artists including Futurisk, Slap, Happiness Boys, others.

PRO5 1984 Sam Rosenthal The Old Lake [cassette]
           | 45 min | All-ambient diversion tape.

PRO6 1984 Sam Rosenthal Tanzmusic [Vinyl LP!]
           | Electro-Pop-Ambient-Moodscapes. Visions for a modern world. As far as I can remember, I made 250 copies. I glued a piece of card to the front and to the back of a blank LP jacket. In fact, I’m pretty sure I remember using “spray mount” (on my parents front porch.) to affix them all. I mixed the LP at the house of a friend who went by the name “ONY” — but his 2-track only had small reels, so I brought the “master” to the plant on three small reels, rather than two large reels. This was really confusing to them (as I completely understand, now) and it delayed the release for a while! A copy recently sold for $80 on eBay! March 1985

PRO7 1985 Sam Rosenthal An Hour of Ambience [cassette]
           | 60 min | Live ethereal music for a three-screen video installation. Recorded live at Broward Community College. This was the evening set from 1 March 1985

PRO8 1985 Sam Rosenthal Statique Ballet [cassette]
           | 45 min | Leftover/work drafts of music that missed Tanzmusic.

PRO9 1985 Thanatos Solvay Process [cassette]
           | Electro-folk from Solvay Process. It twists and turns in its brooding way. who else could be blamed for such a crime? Much of this is available as uncredited bonus material on Thanatos’ This Endless Night Inside

PRO10 1985 Sam Rosenthal Cinemusik
           | 30 min | Early video art / experimentation from Sam. I cannot actually recall if I ever made any of these. It might have just been listed in the catalog, in hopes that somebody would order a copy. : )

PRO11 1985 Sam Rosenthal The April Rain [cassette]
           | 45 min | An ambient diversion. Lay back in the April Rain and snooze. April 8 1985

PRO12 1985 Sam Rosenthal Secret Flight [cassette]
           | 60 min | Music for the movie inside your head. Growing & Progressing. June 4-14 1985

PRO13 1985 Sam Rosenthal Islands [cassette]
           | 60 min.| Sam is joined by violins and some vocals for a song per side journey. An early incarnation of black tape for a blue girl, with Oscar, Lara and Kim. November 1985

PRO14 1986 Various the projekt sampler [cassette] | this later became beneath the icy floe

PRO14.1 1992 Various beneath the icy floe [cassette] | cassette-only label sampler.

PRO15 1986 Various From Across This Gray Land No. 1 [cassette]
           | “The tape’s theme is moved by pensivity and introspection.” – BEEF Magazine

PRO16 1986 Sam Rosenthal “slow blur” and “slide show and the old film”
—————— | Sam’s swirling/shifting video art. Music: black tape for a blue girl. Images: Robin from the Rope cover and Kathy. This is another one that I am not really sure if I ever made. I cannot remember what it looked like, possibly just a dub without a cover? Now included on Fragments | PRO27

PRO17 1986 Doppler Shift Live at the Guggenheim [cassette]
           | 45 min? | An electronic duo comprised of Sam Rosenthal and Walter Holland. Recorded live at “the Guggenheim,” which was the name of the small art gallery on the campus of Chapman College in Orange County, CA, where I was going to school and Walter was a professor. It sounds like a lot nicer place than it was! : p “It would be nice if the bulk of new age music carried the textures and dynamics that Doppler Shift achieve in their sound.” – OPTION

PRO18 1986 Sam Rosenthal “fragments of benediction”
           | Video | Sam explores the “Wallpaper” aspect of video art. No story, just relaxing images of Vicki at a church front. A “worthy investment for your cathode-ray replay.” – BEEF Magazine. Doubtful that any of these were ever actually manufactured. Now included on Fragments | PRO27

PRO19 1986 black tape for a blue girl the rope t-shirt
           | tshirt | Wear your heart on your chest with this lovely one size (large) fits all T. Video xerography of Robin from the back cover of The Rope. Gray with Black Ink. Now available on a black shirt.

PRO20 1986 black tape for a blue girl the rope [vinyl LP]
           | on vinyl! later on cassette and CD. Black tape for a blue girl mixes the images and ideas of contemporary 4AD bands with ethereal post-modern stylings. Sam leads, his synths and words telling his tale… Oscar and Kim provide the vocals. “An experiment worth hearing.” – STAR HITS Magazine. My guess is that 1000 of these were made; an initial run of 500, and then two smaller runs of 250. I don’t know, for sure. You will note that the image on the cover of the CD is actually the image from the back cover of the LP. That back cover image is the one that became the “logo” for the band in the time between the LP’s release and the CD’s release (the rope was unavailable for quite a while, before the CD came out). Oh, one other bit of Trivia… I “conceived” the cover of this album, but Oscar did the actual graphic design work; it was back before I felt qualified to do it. We had the covers printed at a crappy place in Miami and the guy really messed them up. The spine is upside down, and all the covers have a scuff on the back near the middle bottom. When I complained to the printer about the errors, and asked him to print them again, his response was something to the tune of: “Oscar Herrera thinks he’s perfect. Well, only Jesus is perfect…” Clearly, he wasn’t prepared to reprint them again. 🙂

PRO21 1986 Doppler Shift Video Shift
           | Live at the Guggenheim on video, with an extra song that didn’t make its way onto the cassette. Not Video art, but a look at two guys in concert. Note: this video was never actually manufactured.

PRO22 1986 Walter Holland Relativity – the video art ep
           | Three cuts from Walter’s electronic LP presented exclusively for your eyes. Video by Sam, featuring Kathryn – a fantastic Dancer. “The Floor was Hard But Home” is a conceptual piece. The other two have lots of colors and cool effects. Note: this video was never actually manufactured, as far as I can recall. Now included on Fragments | PRO27

PRO23 1986 sam rosenthal “the only flesh the pink and tan” [print-out]
           | An 11 page stream-of-consciousness story / dream from Sam. A strange tale of love and supression inside the mind, or was it all to real? There were probably about 100 of these made, over time.

PRO24 1986 black tape for a blue girl before the buildings fell [cassette]
           | Emotional, energy-driven electronic instrumentals recorded by Sam during the rope period. Now on CD

PRO25 1987 black tape for a blue girl mesmerized by the sirens [vinyl lp]
           | Later on cassette and CD. My guess is 750 of these were made. I printed 1000 covers, and probably did an initial run of 500 LPs, and then a 2nd run of 250 LPs. The plant went out of business, and devoured the last 250 covers. The image on the cover was never my first choice, but the stupid quick-print (seriously, those cover photos were most likely developed at Osco!) didn’t print a few of the images which they figured were too blurry to be what I had intended. Years later, when I was putting together the artwork for the CD, I looked at the negatives and discovered that – sitting right there the whole time! – was exactly the shot I had wanted for the cover. That’s why the CD has a different cover image than the LP.

PRO26 1987 black tape for a blue girl mesmerized by the sirens t-shirt

           | Tshirt | “telling all that she seeked to hide, behind shy and darkened eyes.” A lovely arty t-shirt featring xerographied image of Miira, from the mesmerized by the sirens cover. Note: this shirt was never actually manufactured, as far as I recall.

PRO31 1987 Area Radio Caroline [cassette]
           | released briefly on cassette on Projekt; reissued on Archive as R16. In 1991, PRO31 became LYCIA Wake.

PRO39 1991 Alio Die Under An Holy Ritual [cd]
| Licensed from Italy. I’m expecting this back in soon.

PRO46 1991 Ordo Equitum Solis Solstitti Temporis [cd]
           | Licensed from Italy.

PRO47 1991 Ordo Equitum Solis Animi Aegritudo [cd]
|Licensed from Italy.

PRO48 1991 Ordo Equitum Solis O.E.S. Maxi-CD

           |Licensed from Italy.

PRO50 1994 Various Of these reminders [2-cd box set]
           | Originally released in a nice box w/art cards. Now it’s equally as nice in a budget-priced 2-CD slimline.

PRO56 1995 Ordo Equitum Solis Hecate [cd]| Licensed from Italy.

PRO58 1994 Human Drama Songs of Betrayal [cd]
           | Now back on Triple-X

PRO73 1997 Roach/Obmana Cavern of Sirens [cd]
           | Originally released in a Digi-pak. Now available as a jewel-boxed edition.

PRO88 1998 Roach/Obmana Ascension of Shadows [3-cd box]
           | Limited to 2000 in a nice box

R07 1994 Vidna Obmana Memories Compiled 1 [2-cd]
           | Originally released in a Digi-pak. We actually have some of these back in, for mail-order.

Thanks to Robert Stanley for other reminders! If you can fill in any of the blanks, please get in touch.