• 100% pure analog modular sequencer-based music

    "A lot of artists are going in (the analog electronic) direction these days, but few have the mastery and control that Steve Roach reveals." - John Dilberto / Echoes.

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  • Guitar drone ambient

    Dirk Serries, the mastermind behind vidnaObmana, and his Belgian countryman Stratosphere each have a new album of beautiful guitar drone ambient. #1 for the month of May in the webstore.

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  • Erik Wollo: Blue Radiance

    This renowned Norwegian ambient/electronic artist continues to develop and refine his masterfully crafted soundworld fusion of elegant compositions and deep atmospherics.

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  • A Dark Cabaret CD 3-pack - $22

    Immerse yourself in the Dark Cabaret sound, with Projekt's genre-leading releases. Order while supply lasts.

  • Letters To The Farthest Star

    An ambitious and deeply personal dispatch: a far-reaching sojourn into the diverse ambient/electronic influences of Forrest Fang’s unique “Fourth World” style. Limited edition of 300.

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  • Ritualistic soundscapes and technogenic landscapes.

    Crossing styles and boundaries, this is a mixture of atmospheric ambience, IDM sequences and psybient textures from these cult Italian soundmasters.

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