• Limited edition of 300

    An ambient hybrid of traditional Indonesian soundscapes and electronics. Extended and back in print after 15 years. Purchase for $14 today.

  • Limited edition of 300

    A long-form, introspective 60-minute piece. Star’s End 2015 is an intricate expression of ambience, space and ever-expanding sound-universes. Order your CD today!

  • Limited edition of 500

    Picking up Blacktape’s classic 90s darkwave, ethereal sound; original vocalist Oscar returns on their 30th anniversary.

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    "Earnest, resourceful and demanding, These Fleeting Moments easily stands as one of black tape for a blue girl’s best albums.” – Blurt Online

  • Shadow of Time, This Place to Be with free bonus CD!

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    “Three profound sonic environments born from deep intuition for the power of sound, refined by years of technical mastery.” – Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space