an incomplete history of the projekt festivals...

photo by e. Katie Holm

Chicago, IL ~ June 25 + 26 @ the Vic Theatre
Day 1: Steve Roach, Lycia, Thanatos, Soul Whirling Somewhere, Love Spirals Downwards
Late Night: Bleak at Neo
Day 2: Steve Roach, Attrition, Eden, Arcanta, Black tape for a blue girl

Steve Roach photos by e. Katie Holm
Lycia photos by e. Katie Holm

Chicago, IL ~ August 1 + 2 @ the Vic Theatre
Day 1: The Moon Seven Times, Ben Neill, Love Spirals Downwards, Roach/Obmana
Day 2: Faith & the Muse, Robert Rich, Arcanta, Lycia, Black tape for a blue girl
Unofficial Day 3: Lovesliescrushing & Thanatos @ the Dome Room

Morbid Outlook 1997 fest report by Mistress McCutchan
Roach/Obmana photos by Michael A Crowley, M.D.

Projektfest'97 Mexico City
Saturday, August 16 @ the Cine Bella Epoca
Bands: Love Spirals Downwards, Lycia and Arcanta.

Love Spirals Downwards @ The El Rey, Ryan + Drew

Projektfest'98 | Four one day festivals
1 Los Angeles, CA ~ March 15 @ the El Rey Theatre
bands: black tape, love spirals downnwards + faith and the muse
photos by DJ Chant

2 Chicago, IL ~ July 18 @ the Vic Theatre
3 Philadelphia, PA ~ July 24 @ the Trocadero Theatre
4 New York, NY ~ July 25 @ Irving Plaza
bands: Drew Pluta of Arcanta, Voltaire, Lycia & Black tape for a blue girl

Projektfest '02
Philadelphia, PA ~ Memorial Day Weekend ~ Friday, May 24th through Sunday, May 26th.
at the Trocadero | fest website here

New Haven, CT ~ @ Blacksun Festival III ~ August 10 - 12, 2007
Toad's Place | fest website here

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Thanks to Lisa Feuer, Mistress McCutchan, Anji Bee, and Jon DeRosa with memories better than mine!
: )