All files in mp3 format.

black tape for a blue girl: Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah
Love Spirals Downwards: Welcome Xmas

not on Excelsis, but very nice!
Oscar the Grouch: I hate Christmas (video at YouTube)

Ornamental ~ Various Artists | 2012 2-CD $14
Silver Smoke, Star of Night (In the Shadow of Christmas) ~ Jill Tracy | 2012 $10

Spread holiday cheer and buy Ornamental and Silver Smoke, Star of Night together for $20. Added for 2016: also includes the two Holiday singles (CD)! Order your Holiday Twin Pack today!

Excelsis v.1 ~ a dark noel | 1995 **sold out**
Excelsis v.1 ~ a dark noel CASSETTE | 1995
Excelsis v.2 ~ a winter's song | 1999
Excelsis v.3 (Maxi-CD) ~ a prelude | 2001

Holiday Single 1 | 2004 Ltd Edition CD-Single
Holiday Single 2 | 2004 Ltd Edition CD-Single
A Dark Noel "a best of" | $5 holiday sampler CD

Digital-Only releases:
Unto Ashes "Spellbound in Winter" | $4.99
Erik W°llo "Crystal Bells" | $3.99
Paulina Cassidy "Ice Iris (a holiday ep)" | $3.99

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