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After suffering the loss of his only cat to feline leukemia, Projekt (and black tape for a blue girl) founder Sam Rosenthal was moved to create a disc that would prevent others from suffering this same grief, while also supporting a local Chicago kitty cause. Enlisting the aid of ethereal, gothic and industrial artists who share a common love for cats, Projekt presents this unique compilation, a cat-shaped hole in my heart. Each band contributed a song about their own cat and donated their full artist royalties to a Chicago-based charity, The Tree House, a "no-kill" cat shelter; the booklet contains information on avoiding the spread of feline leukemia and preventing your cat from this horrid fate.

Artists / Their song
1. tara vanflower (of Lycia): Galactipus
2. Faith & The Muse: In Dreams of Mine
3. Shotgun Wedding (Lynn & Brendan of The Moon Seven Times): Inside Only Cat
4. Mira: Cayman
5. The Read Letter: Clawing Curtains
6. Regenerator: Night and Mourning (edit)
7. Collide: Felix the Cat
8. Thomas Thorn (of the Electric Hellfire Club): Mad Max
9. Stone 588: Eye of the Moon
10. Numeralia: Espirito Gato
11. Area: Too Far Away (drum'n'tabby mix)
12. The Changelings: Caterwaul (early recording)
13. Dead Leaves Rising: In the Snow
14. black tape for a blue girl: Majestic as a King

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