a benefit album of cat-loving bands honoring their pets and celebrating felines
Royalties donated to the Tree House No-Kill Shelter of Chicago

Thanks for your support of the kitties!

black tape for a blue girl, tara vanflower (of Lycia), Faith & The Muse, Mira, The Read Letter, Regenerator, Collide, Numeralia, Area, Stone 588, Thomas Thorn (of The Electric Hellfire Club), Shotgun Wedding (featuring Lynn / Brendan of The Moon Seven Times), Dead Leaves Rising and The Changelings

When my cat Vidna started behaving listlessly, I assumed he was feeling a bit under the weather; I never suspected he was carrying a horrible disease that put his life (as well as the life of other cats he came into contact with) at risk. As I have now learned, Feline Leukemia is a terrible virus which attacks our little furry friends without compassion. Like AIDS in humans, FeLV ravishes the immune system, so a variety of common illnesses can lead to death. If I only had listened closely when my other cat passed away from FeLV, I would have understood the risk Vidna faced by continuing to go outdoors, getting into fights, and tempting infection. With his passing, I wanted to do something positive in a negative situation. I decided to put together an album of songs about cats, performed as a tribute to our feline friends. In the process, I discovered other artists who had also lost their cat to this disease; it seemed all the more important to get this disc out and hopefully prevent needless deaths. If you are thinking of adopting a kitty, consider getting one at a local "no-kill" shelter, and if you decide to take in a stray, be sure to get it tested for FeLV, so you don't have to go through the pain we went through. I don't see this disc as sad, but rather as a tribute to our compassion for these little kitties who come into our lives and become our best and most trusted friends . . .

- Sam Rosenthal (March 6th 1999)

the safest cat is an inside only cat!

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